Thursday, May 11, 2017

Black Cat Tarp

Click here for the pattern and Dr. Sally's Catenary Curve Template
Print the Catenary Curve Template in Portrait Format without changing the size.  Make sure the 1" reference square is truly 1 inch.

Black Bishop's Black Cat Tarp Tutorial:

· Tarp Fabric: silnylon or silpoly (waterproof ripstop), 1.1 oz/yd2
· 1 yard of ripstop nylon fabric for tie-outs, 1.9 oz/yd2
· 4-6’ webbing for tie-outs, 3/4” or 1”
· 6 D-Rings, 3/4” or 1”, nylon/ heavy duty plastic, sized to match the webbing for the tie-outs
· Polyester thread, Gutermann Mara 70
· 14 yards Grosgrain Webbing (for finishing the edges), optional (instead you could sew a double-rolled hem)
· Seam sealer

· Pencil
· Scissors
· Measuring Tape
· Straight Edge
· Sewing Machine
· Needle of your choice
· Small brush for seam sealer

Assembly Instructions:
1. Cut out and tape together the catenary curve template (included).
2. Cut the 2 sides of the tarp fabric).
3. Cut the catenary curves into the tarp edges (c and e).
4. Sew the ridgeline with a flat-felled seam.
5. Cut the corner tie-out reinforcements so that they are at least 6” deep + seam allowance.
6. Sew the 6 corner tie-outs to the tarp (they can be attached on the inside or outside of the tarp).  Sew several parallel seams for reinforcement.
7. Hem the edges of the tarp, either with grosgrain ribbon or a double-rolled hem.
8. Sew the webbing (with D-rings) to each corner.
9. Seam seal the ridgeline.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Super Nova Extra Wide Jungle Hammock

I've had some requests for the pattern of my Super Nova Hammock, so I wanted to throw it up online for anyone interested in the proportions.  The sewing is a little different from the regular Nova, so I'll upload some video tutorials soon.  Things have been a little hectic around here, so I appreciate your patience.