Saturday, December 24, 2016

Detaled sewing instructions for box underquilt with clew suspension

Are you curious about Leiavoia's neo-retro-innovation in hammock underquilt design?  Do you want to try making an underquilt that will accept a clew suspension and won't have compression-issues?

I took a stab at such a DIY project and I'm sharing detailed sewing instructions for the box underquilt that I made to fit a clew suspension.  Boxing the quilt is a universal technique and could apply to a conventional underquilt suspension (including a quilt with a secondary suspension). By including a side wall and box to the underquilt, the Climashieled Apex insulation is not pinched at the edges.  Because the suspension is attached to the upper part of the box, the insulation and shell fabric are able to hang between the suspension clews without getting squished.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Sleep Report: clew underquilt (with troubleshooting)

After a solstice underquilt fail, last night I had my first successful night in the hammock with the clew suspension underquilt.  Watch the video to see how the underquilt performs (thanks to my husband for being a model). 

I also had to do some troubleshooting on the length of the quilt.  I figured out that when a total length for the quilt + suspension = 87.5% of the length of my hammock, I got a pretty snug fit without gaping, but I had to thread my hammock suspension directly through the descending ring.  This worked for me, but I can see myself shortening it up a little more in the future, especially if my shock cord starts to lose its stretch.  I suggest taking the length of the suspension + underquilt down to 85% and then putting a durable extender on each end so that it is adjustable in the field.

The University's weather station is pretty close to where I live, and they are reporting that the temperature got down to 28 degrees early this morning.  While I was comfortable last night, I think that this is probably the lower end of what would be comfortable for me in a 6 oz climashield apex underquilt.  I am a cold sleeper and I would not want to sleep in lower temperatures without more insulation.

Overall, I am pleased with the clew suspension.  While it is a little more complicated to make, it is quite easy to hang (once you figure out the proper 87.5% length), and it worked just great. No CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome).

Thanks to Leiavoia for the great idea.

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  • Detailed sewing instructions for DIY hammock with stretchable footbox and knotty mod

Thursday, December 22, 2016

DIY weave a clew suspension for an underquilt

I was intrigued to make a clew suspension for a box-style underquilt that I was already planning to sew after seeing Derek Hansen's post about it on his facebook page.

The clew design is the conception of Leiavoia, who provided a detailed description (along with some of the physics) on his blog and on hammockforums.  For more information about a clew suspension, see Derek Hansen's youtube video and his blog post.

The suspension is beautifully complex, but not difficult to execute.  Note that because I used a box-style underquilt, the suspension is not compressing the 6 oz climashield apex insulation.

The final weight is 2 1/8 ounces.

Testing of the suspension is proceeding, so stay tuned for updates.   We'll have to see if this is all Leiavoia has touted it to be.

Troubleshooting Update:  after a two nights of sleeping with the quilt, I have removed the "extender" from the foot end that you see in the video.  Without the extender, the quilt + suspension is 87.5% the total length of my hammock, and that is giving me a snug fit.   At a longer length, I was getting gaping at the foot end and along the sides (cold butt syndrome), but at 87.5%, it seems really nice and cozy.  To determine this underquilt length, multiply the length of your hammock (in inches or cm) by 0.875 for the length of your quilt plus suspension.  Adjust the length of your nettles accordingly.

  • Approximately 65 feet of 1/16" shock cord
  • 2 aluminum descending rings
  • Method to attach suspension to your underquilt (I used snaps).
  • Jig for weaving a clew (I used a few campaign yard signs, a piece of brown paper, a funny-looking pin and 8 large headed short nails).
  • Pencil (or two).
  • Optional:  4 short pieces of shock cord and 4 mini cord-locks (for preventing the clew nettles from tangling in the stuff sack).
Refer to these links for more information:
  • Leiavoia's blog post:
  • Leiavoia's hammockforums post:
  • Derek Hansen's blog post on the clew suspension:
  • Derek Hansen's youtube video on the clew suspension:
  • Derek Hansen's facebook page:

Monday, December 12, 2016

DIY hammock with stretchable footbox and knotty mod

I sewed my first hammock DIY project.  This 11' hammock is made from 1.0 oz Hyper D ripstop nylon.  It is double-sided, has a Hangnout's Stretchable Footbox and a Knotty Mod Stretch Side on the opposite side from the footbox.  I sewed some additional D-Rings in the edge channel to be used to attach a bug net and/or a pillow.  Detailed sewing instructions and my pattern can be found below.