Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Make a winter tarp with me

Join me while I make a winter tarp, using the pattern from DIY Gear Supply.  This is a multi-part video series, and I'll cover the following topics in separate videos.

Part 1:  Cat curves and fabric cuts
I will show you how I made the patterns for the catenary curves and cut the fabric for the winter tarp.  In this video I use XTrekker's Catenary Curve Calculator.

Part 2:  Sewing the ridgeline
I sew the ridgeline using the flat felled / french seam hybrid method.

Part 3:  Tie-outs
I'm deviating from the sequence of the pattern a little and I'm attaching my tie-outs so that the webbing is on the inside of the reinforcement fabric.  It works out and I am happy with the product.

Part 4:  Rolled hem using the *rolled hem foot*

I hem the tarp, including the catenary curves, using my 1/8" rolled hem foot.

Part 5:  Side pull  outs
I attach side pull outs to the tarp, and like the tie-outs, I'm deviating from the instructions somewhat.

 Part 6:  Seam Sealing
I use Silnet to seal the seams on the ridgeline and the side pull-outs.

Download the Winter Tarp pattern from DIY Gear Supply:

XTrekker's Catenary Curve Calculator:

How to sew outdoor fabrics with the rolled hem foot:

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