Friday, December 23, 2016

Sleep Report: clew underquilt (with troubleshooting)

After a solstice underquilt fail, last night I had my first successful night in the hammock with the clew suspension underquilt.  Watch the video to see how the underquilt performs (thanks to my husband for being a model). 

I also had to do some troubleshooting on the length of the quilt.  I figured out that when a total length for the quilt + suspension = 87.5% of the length of my hammock, I got a pretty snug fit without gaping, but I had to thread my hammock suspension directly through the descending ring.  This worked for me, but I can see myself shortening it up a little more in the future, especially if my shock cord starts to lose its stretch.  I suggest taking the length of the suspension + underquilt down to 85% and then putting a durable extender on each end so that it is adjustable in the field.

The University's weather station is pretty close to where I live, and they are reporting that the temperature got down to 28 degrees early this morning.  While I was comfortable last night, I think that this is probably the lower end of what would be comfortable for me in a 6 oz climashield apex underquilt.  I am a cold sleeper and I would not want to sleep in lower temperatures without more insulation.

Overall, I am pleased with the clew suspension.  While it is a little more complicated to make, it is quite easy to hang (once you figure out the proper 87.5% length), and it worked just great. No CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome).

Thanks to Leiavoia for the great idea.

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